Outback Film Locations Australia

Filming in Australia? Filming in Australian outback locations.

The Outback of Australia provides a spectacular setting for film production with landscapes ranging from the rich colour of the red dirt, the harshness of rocky gorges, hidden plunging waterfalls, the biggest skies and the spirit of Indigenous Australia taking hold.

filming in the australian outback

The history, the landscape, the Australian character and stories of the Outback provide your production company with every opportunity for the perfect setting.

australian outback film locations

Australian Fixer HQ


As a leader in TV and film production managementAustralian Fixer HQ has a background in the industry that spans over 20 years. Director, Andrea Gorddard has overseen the production of television programs, movies and documentaries for overseas and Australian networks including ABC TV, the BBC, Discovery, National Geographic, SBS and the Nine and Seven Networks. She also has extensive experience in stills shooting and corporate and online content.

Andrea has many years of hands-on experience as an Australian film location scout and shooting in all settings including city, rural, tropical, mountain, the iconic outback and our stunning coastline and world famous beaches.

Andrea can manage all aspects of your Australian TV and film production from concept to completion. A strong communicator, Andrea is able to research your filming requirements, advise on Australian filming regulations, offer suitable solutions including the provision of TV and film crews, and is able to show you the very best places in the country to film.

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